Sunday, December 19, 2010

Green Equinox

Blogginbeauties, a dutch beauty blog, is featuring my blog and an interview with me today! Check them out here:

Some weeks ago, a friend sent me some pigments from alva's Green Equinox collection to try! Those are probably the mineral eyeshadows that most resemble MAC pigments, they are much less powdery than most regular mineral products! Therefore, the intensity is almost like foiled shadow, and the colours are very pretty too! In this look, I used Side by Side, a very intense copper shade, all over the lid and drawn out into the crease. For the crease, I used Mauve Me, which is similar to MAC Violet but lighter and more muted, and a matte dark-ish blue/violet from the Zoeva palette. I also used  bit of  MAC Lark About pigment in the inner corners, but that wasn't the best idea, it is too shimmery! The false lashes are part black, part purple.

My eyeliner is sadly giving me some trouble - lately, I cannot seem the colour to look good, it always ends up looking watery and my skin is getting increasingly uneven around the upper lashline :( Anyone ever had the same problems and found a good solution to them??

Product List
MAC Bare Canvas, alva Side by Side, alva Mauve Me, Zoeva 88 Mattes palette, Boots No. 7 lashes, p2 liner pen, Maybelline Expression kohl in white, MAC Lark About